Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review: Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman

The first time I read Fortunately, the Milk, I was on a road trip with my sister's family. Her kids (9-year-old twin girls, 5-year-old boy) were antsy and bored, and begged to be read to. I had a new book that I thought they might enjoy, though I myself had not read it yet.

I read this book aloud to a carful of people who all ended up listening, whether or not they'd intended to. By the end, everyone was laughing--me, the kids, the kids' parents, and our cousin who had come along for the trip.

As soon as I finished the final words, the kids begged for it to be read again.

So that's how I wound up reading a book aloud, twice in a row, on a long car ride, and having more fun than should probably be legal.

Fortunately, the Milk is fun, light-hearted, full of absurd British humor, and deeply sweet--all about a father's love for his children (and flair for creative storytelling). Read it. I don't care if you're grown. Read it anyway.


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