Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review: Beastly Bones by William Ritter

Far from suffering "second book syndrome," William Ritter's Beastly Bones--sequel to Jackaby, which I reviewed here--was, I thought, superior in nearly every way to its predecessor.

Jackaby was a fun book, but suffered a bit from lack of originality. It read like a mashup of "Sherlock" and "Doctor Who," with just enough likable characters and original concepts to keep it afloat. Beastly Bones takes flight from where Jackaby left off, advancing the world-building and the characterization of existing characters, and introducing several fascinating new players and supernatural beasties.

Characters and events that seem unrelated all tie back together in the end, culminating in a suspenseful, explosive finale that I did not see coming. And have no fear--the lovable character from Jackaby who seemed to have been Put On A Bus at the end is present and accounted for here. This book takes place in his new home.

Unlike many second books of trilogies, Beastly Bones refuses to end on a maddening, scream-inducing cliffhanger. It ties up the storyline in a satisfying way, while also effectively setting up the villain and story of the third book.


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