Sunday, January 10, 2016

Review: The Fiddler's Gun by A. S. Peterson

A. S. Peterson's The Fiddler's Gun was a rollicking historical tale, headed up by a truly wonderful young female character.

The storyline occasionally moved a bit slowly, but ultimately I think that only added to my enjoyment of the rich setting and well-drawn characters. Particularly Fin Button, the tough, headstrong, sometimes ruthless tomboy who did what she needed to survive--even if that meant leaving everything she'd ever known to become a pirate.

Also, Fin's relationship with her love interest was a fun gender-swapped twist on the "young man leaves behind faithful girlfriend to go on a quest" trope.

Fiction categorized as "Christian" is all too often preachy, shallow, and about as subtle as an anvil. This book was a refreshing change. The tale was built on bones of faith, but there was little preaching, and no trite easy answers. More like this, please.


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